Posted by: Jim Holway | May 22, 2012

Coaching Church Planters: Panama

A significant part of my ministry is coaching church planters.  I do this in person and hands-on with local ministers in Miami.  Skype is a tremendous tool for those outside of Miami.  In addition to regular coaching sessions via webcam, I try to work in an annual visit to the church planter.  It gives me an opportunity to see them in their element, and put some faces with the names I have heard about.  This personal contact with their ministries is extremely helpful to understanding their work and to guiding them towards the purposes God has set before them.

I recently enjoyed such a visit with Chris and Leticia Taylor in Panama City, Panama.  I have known Chris back when he was initiating a Latino work in Montgomery, Alabama.  I continued to work with him as he moved to Panama, and then did their premarital counseling (also via Skype).  Leticia had a son from a previous relationship, so Chris became husband and dad on the same day!

An additional blessing on this trip was to be accompanied by Rodney Plunkett, the preaching minster for the Church of Christ at White Station, one of our partner congregations.  It was an opportunity for me to spend some valuable time with a dear friend, and for Rodney to see the kind of work I am involved in.

Enjoy the pix!

L to R: Johnny, Chris, Leticia, Leticia’s mom, and Rodney. The ships in the background are lining up to go through the Panama Canal.

We met with three congregations during our 6 days in Panama. This church meets in Chris and Leticia’s home.

We had a good crowd for the seminar, in spite of the heavy rains.

This is the Villa Unida congregation. It is about 45 minutes up the mountain from Panama City.

Posted by: Jim Holway | August 17, 2010

A cool reminder

As we melt through these sweltering “dog days” of August, it might be refreshing to remember the past winter.  Back in January, we woke up to an amazing sight — frost on the cars!  One of the more unpleasant tasks of winter “up north” was unfrosting the windshields of the three women in my life.  While this Miami frost was a motive of glee and amazement for me, it was an extremely threatening sight for our farmers and growers.  And while the Miami heat causes me to suffer right now, I know that it is providing a good livelihood for my friends in the A/C/ business!

Posted by: Jim Holway | July 27, 2010

Catching Up (1)

A little over a year ago, a van carrying the Cochabamba, Bolivia youth group lost control and rolled down a steep embankment. Three girls from the group died and numerous others were injured.  Last November, I was invited by one of the missionaries in Cochabamba, Josh Marcum, to be the speaker for a national family camp held in the mountains above Cochabamba. Josh and his wife Julie were co-workers with the Latino church plant in Memphis, and truly have hearts to serve Christ.  While the physical injuries Josh and the others suffered were healing, the emotional and spiritual scars were slower to heal.  The family camp was another step towards recovery.

Camp Kewina is located in Colomi, some 11,000 feet above sea level, with the same winding roads overlooking steep chasms with little protection as where the accident took place.  Only a few of the kids on that fateful trip were able to summon the courage to make the trip back into the mountains.

The weekend was an amazing experience!  I got cold at night, sunburned during the day, but had a wonderful time with fellow travelers on the path towards heaven.  I met with church planters and members, church leaders and staff, and some veteran soldiers of the cross.  My two regrets were that I couldn’t stay longer and that Kathryn was not with me.

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Summer Song: Catching Up Is Hard To Do**

**Sung to the tune of Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

The date of my last post: November 2009 . WOW.

I could go into long explanations, but why waste your time and mine.

Suffice it to say that I will begin to bring the site all up to date over the coming weeks.

Thanks for your understanding and patience.



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Mission Accomplished…sort of

Our mission to Leon, Nicaragua has reached an important milestone.  In three short years, the Sunset church, working alongside the Ruben Dario church, with God going before us, beside us, and watching our back, was able to construct a church building for the congregation.  It was a true collaboration of resources, time and effort.

While this phase of the work is done, we do not intend to abandon it.  Our future involvement will share differente types of resources, those focused more on teaching and coaching.

God be praised for his amazing work!

Doc Michelle takes good care of her patients!

The “before” shot, when the building was just a dream.

The Ruben Dario church in front of their completed building

The church enjoying the new facilities

This baptism took place just recently — the brothers are continuing the work!

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