Posted by: Jim Holway | May 22, 2012

Coaching Church Planters: Panama

A significant part of my ministry is coaching church planters.  I do this in person and hands-on with local ministers in Miami.  Skype is a tremendous tool for those outside of Miami.  In addition to regular coaching sessions via webcam, I try to work in an annual visit to the church planter.  It gives me an opportunity to see them in their element, and put some faces with the names I have heard about.  This personal contact with their ministries is extremely helpful to understanding their work and to guiding them towards the purposes God has set before them.

I recently enjoyed such a visit with Chris and Leticia Taylor in Panama City, Panama.  I have known Chris back when he was initiating a Latino work in Montgomery, Alabama.  I continued to work with him as he moved to Panama, and then did their premarital counseling (also via Skype).  Leticia had a son from a previous relationship, so Chris became husband and dad on the same day!

An additional blessing on this trip was to be accompanied by Rodney Plunkett, the preaching minster for the Church of Christ at White Station, one of our partner congregations.  It was an opportunity for me to spend some valuable time with a dear friend, and for Rodney to see the kind of work I am involved in.

Enjoy the pix!

L to R: Johnny, Chris, Leticia, Leticia’s mom, and Rodney. The ships in the background are lining up to go through the Panama Canal.

We met with three congregations during our 6 days in Panama. This church meets in Chris and Leticia’s home.

We had a good crowd for the seminar, in spite of the heavy rains.

This is the Villa Unida congregation. It is about 45 minutes up the mountain from Panama City.


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